Faslane Peace Camp
Nederlandse Vredesaktiviste opnieuw gearresteerd in Schotland

13 Nov 1998

                      P E R S B E R I C H T 

                   Nederlandse Vredesaktiviste 
                opnieuw gearresteerd in Schotland 

De Nederlandse vredesaktiviste Krista van Velzen (24, afkomstig 
uit Prinsenbeek) is vrijdagmorgen opnieuw gearresteerd in het 
Schote Faslane, toen zij een poging deed de aldaar 
gestationneerde illegale kernwapens uit te schakelen. 

Dit meldt de internationale organisatie Voor Moeder Aarde, 
waar Krista bij betrokken is. 

Bel voor meer informatie 0032-9-233 84 39 (Pol D'Huyvetter) 

----------- Doorgestuurd bericht van Voor Moeder Aarde -------- 

      International team of disarmers arrested in Scotland 
     Vote in UN over controversial resolution expected today 

Faslane (Scotland) November 13 1998 - This morning at 10 a.m. an 
international disarmament team was arrested as they were on 
their way to disable the British nuclear weapons system based at 
the Naval Base of Faslane in Scotland. The activists stated that 
they uphold international law, and accuse Britain to violate 
international law. 

Their action today coincide with the vote on a historic 
resolution from the New Agenda Coaltion. The resolution was 
initiated by Sweden and Ireland, and is calling for a step by 
step nuclear disarmament in the First Committee of the United 
Nations in New York. The nuclear weapon states are very troubled 
about this resolution which will not only be adopted by a large 
majority, but which is also gaining a growing amount of support 
from several NATO member states who announced to abstain their 
traditional support to the US, France and UK. 

This morning Angie Zelter from UK, Krista Van velzen (24) from 
the Netherlands, Katri Silvonen (21), Hanna Jarvinen (20) and 
Lotte Muurinen (21) all three from Finland, were arrested as 
they drove into the base, on their way to disarm what they call 
'an illegal weapons system of mass-destruction'. It is not clear 
yet if they will be charged, and taken to prison. Four of the 
activists were already taken to prison last August for previous 
disarmament attempts. 

Earlier this week, on November 10th, another resolution was 
adopted by the UN First Committee. This resolution calls for the 
start of multilateral negotiations in 1999 for a Treaty Banning 
all Nuclear Weapons. The US, UK, France, Russia, along with most 
NATO member states voted against this resolution. 

More news will follow soon. 

For more information : 

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                  +32-95-28 02 59 

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