Faslane Peace Camp
Brief naar Britse Ambassade (14 sep 98)

Beste vredes-vrienden. 

Hieronder vind je de tekst van een brief, die je aan de Britse 
Ambassade kunt sturen om ervoor te pleiten voor dat Groot- 
Brittannie zich houdt aan de uitspraken van het Internationale 
Gerechtshof, en - natuurlijk - voor vrijlating van de zeven 
gearresteerde vredes-aktivisten/politieke gevangenen. 

Kopieer en verspreid deze brief in ruime mate en vraag zoveel 
mogelijk anderen dat ook te doen. Print, schrijf of fax de 
brief desgewenst op briefpapier van de organisatie(s) waar je 
deel van uitmaakt. 

Het faxnummer van de Britse ambassade is: 070-3603839 

Eenzelfde aktie loopt bij Britse ambassades in andere landen. 

Met vriendelijke groet 

Marta Resink. 

                                                    September 1998 

To: The Embassy of Great Britain 
    Att. of the ambassador 
    Lange Voorhout 10 
    2514 ED  Den Haag 

Your Excellency, 

It is with great concern that we learned that Hanna Jarvinen, 
Katri Silvonen (both Finns), Krista van Velzen (Dutch), Jens Light 
(Australian), Angie Zelter, Helen John and Ian Thomson (all 
British) are held on remand in a Scottish prison. Those brave 
persons were arrested last August, during non-violent attempts to 
disarm the illegal nuclear weapon of mass destruction system 
Trident at the navy base near Faslane, Scotland. 

We would like to assure you, your excellency, that in our eyes, 
as in the eyes of the vast majority of all the people in the world, 
those persons are no criminals, but heroes. The only thing they 
did was upholding international law, conform the obligation under 
the Nuremberg principles that each and every citizen has the duty 
to prevent and to report war crimes. 

As you should know, the International Court of Justice ruled in 
its Opinion in July 1996 that the threat or use of nuclear weapons 
are generally contrary to the existing rules of international law 
applicable in armed conflict. The Court found that nuclear weapons 
seem scarcely reconcilable with the requirement of humanitarian 
law. The Court further found that the nuclear weapon states had 
not demonstrated any circumstances justifying legal use. 
Important is also that the judges of the International Court of 
Justice unanimously concluded that Article VI of the Nuclear Non- 
Proliferation Treaty is not just a vague policy statement, but a 
legal obligation to achieve a precise result. 
This means that the UK government, which is not involved in a 
negotiating process specifically focussed on the goal of total 
nuclear disarmament, is at this very moment violating its 
obligations under international law. 

Therefore, Your Excellency, we strongly urge the British 
government to dismantle its nuclear arsenal completely and to 
release the seven peace activists who did nothing else but 
upholding on an open and stricly non-violent way the opinion of 
the highest juridical organ in the world. 

We would very much appreciate if you could inform us as soon as 
possible about the fate of the seven persons mentioned above. 
The five woman are kept at HMP Cornton Vale and the two men at 
HMP Greenock, both in Scotland. 

Respectfully Yours, 

(Onderteken met naam, organisatie , ????) 

---------------------------einde brief ------------------------- 

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