Faslane Peace Camp
Walk for Nuclear Disarmament (1 jul 98)

Walk for Nuclear Disarmament (1 jul 98)


We hope some linked to the Oneworld network will spread the word and even
join this  action!

                         Walk for Nuclear Disarmament
   linking NATO HQ Brussels to Faslane nuclear submarine base in Scotland

Gent, June 22 1998- For Mother Earth invites you to join the 'Walk for
Nuclear Disarmament' from NATO HQ in Belgium to the British nuclear
submarine base in Faslane, Scotland.

The walk is planned from July 12th to August 9th 1998. It follows the
succesful launch in 1997 of a legal campaign of civil resistance to stop any
futher preparation of war crimes against humanity through the threat or use
of nuclear weapons.

The walk will link an international peacecamp near NATO HQ in Belgium (July
3-11) and an actioncamp of an international direct disarmament campaign
-Trident Ploughshares 2000- at the British Trident submarine base (August

FME finds walking an effective way to campaign and inform people about
nuclear issues. FME organised cross-continental peacewalks in the USA (1992)
and Europe (1995). In the UK the walk is organised in co-operation with
London region CND, Scottish CND and Greater Manchester CND.

The walkers demand with high priority that nuclear weapons have to be taken
off alert, new nuclear weapon-free zones have to be created and multilateral
negotiations to ban all nuclear weapons have to start immediately.

At this stage the organisers still look for practical help : support van for
kitchen and luggage, banners, organic food donations, etc. ... and
volunteers. If you can help, please contact For Mother Earth

Financial donations are necessary and welcomed on international postal account
# 000-1618561-19 of For Mother Earth.

For more information and registrations
For Mother Earth International, Hanna Jarvinen
Lange Steenstraat 16/d, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Phone: +32-9-233 8439/233 or 4924
Fax:   +32-9-233 7302

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