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New surge in Germany and Italy
75 Mayors join Mayors for Peace

Perss release by Mayors for Peace
Hiroshima, September 1st 2010 - Mayors for Peace welcomes 75 members that joined the global network of local governments to ban nuclear weapons by 2020. Mayors for Peace counts today 4,144 members in 144 countries and regions.
New members were welcomed from Argentina (1), Australia (2), Austria (1), Cameroon (1), France (1), Germany (21), Ghana (1), Italy (30), Japan (11), Mexico (1), Netherlands (1), Peru (2), Spain (1) and the USA (1) ( for detailed list).
Top 5
Japan has most members and continues to grow steadily and counts now 796 members, or almost 20% of the global membership. With 21 new members, Germany takes now the second place with 367 members before Belgium, with 352. With 30 new members Italy follows closely with 349 members, followed by Spain, with 295 members.
The growth in Italy is the result of a membership recruitment letter by the Mayor of Rome, Giovanni Alemanno, to the members of ANCI ( Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani). Mayor Alemanno is Vice-President of ANCI, the Italian Association of Italian Municiaplities. It is expected that the Mayor of Rome will very soon join the campaign leadership of Mayors for Peace through Associate Membership.
The Mayor of Rome marked the 65th Hiroshima commemoration on August 6th in the Italian capital. Also the Mayor of Mexico City, who joined our leadership earlier this year, marked the commemoration in the Mexican Capital. The event in Mexico City was covered amongst others by CNN Mexico ( to see the story).
Nearly half of our members are from Europe (2,047 49.39%). Asia has the second largest number of members (1,206 29,10%); followed by Latin America and the Caribbean (317 7,64%); North-America (249 5,93%), Africa (212 5,11%) and Oceania (113 2,72%).
The continues growth of Mayors for Peace increases the leverage of the organization in its call upon all governments to immediately start negotiations for an international treaty to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2020.
International Development Director &
Executive Advisor Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation
Mayors for Peace 2020 Vision Campaign
Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

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