Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Actiekamp Büchel 12-18 juli

23-1-2017 Op de Duitse vliegbasis Büchel liggen Amerikaanse kernwapens. Uit protest daartegen wordt er in juli actie gevoerd vanuit een internationaal vredeskamp. Het wordt georganiseerd door een samenwerkingsverband van meer dan 50 vredesorganisaties. Ook vanuit Nederland kunt u er aan deelnemen.


Namens dit samenwerkingsverband 'Büchel is everywhere - nuclear weapons-free now!' schreef Marion Küpker het volgende:


Hello activist-community,


This year in Germany at Büchel is special again and I invite you to come to our international week (see attached flyer) and to spread this news! At the camp we also plan workshops and networking on how we can stop the new B61-12, and also about the F-35 fighter plan, including the campaign Don't Bank on the Bomb. On 7th of July finishes this year negotiation on the international treaty ban in New York. By this we will see how successful also this will work in our hands, because with a total ban it is even more difficult for nuclear states to go on with their upgrading programm, which is also against the US law already. We have to dissmantle this whole cover up about "modernisation" and also with strong actions!!!


The G20 summit in Hamburg/Germany will be just prior on 7 and 8 July. Since our vigils and actions in Büchel will be for 20 weeks, you are welcome to come to Büchel straight after the G20 summit or whereever you are. We just need to know beforhand how many to expect, so please contact us in time.




(The very first nuclear test was conducted in Almogordo, New Mexico on 16 July 1945!)


Meer info

Flyer (pdf)