Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Geen oorlog in Irak!

18-6-2014 De War Resisters League, de zusterorganisatie van Vredesbeweging Pais in de VS, verzet zich in een verklaring tegen militaire hulp aan de regering van Irak. In plaats daarvan moet hulp worden geboden aan Iraakse organisaties die bezig zijn met gemeenschapsopbouw gericht op vrede. De verklaring eindigt met een oproep tot financiŽle steun voor The Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq.


War Resisters League resists all war-making and militarism, regardless of US Congressional approval. The crisis unfolding in Iraq will not be solved by military action and air strikes. It will not be solved by arming forces in Iraq with "Hellfire" missiles nor by neoliberal development policies. It will not be solved by forces that reduce the humanity in Iraq to sectarian factions or powerless victims caught between geopolitical conflicts. It will not be solved by congratulating ourselves for predicting the outcome of sanctions, invasion, and occupation nor by simply historicizing this devastating moment.

The solution has already begun in the difficult and powerful work of common survival, healing, connecting, rebuilding, and dreaming that conditions the lives of many Iraqis and grows hope for a future beyond war. Beyond security, well being comes from housing, healthcare, and vibrant community. Liberation from violence and fear grows from equality and democracy.

To limit our action to the terms and timelines dictated by war-makers is a trap. To be part of the solution we must deepen our solidarity with people whose work leads us beyond the cynical terms of what we are told is possible, instead we must heed the urgency behind their insistence in realizing the world we need.

The Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) is requesting funding to support their emergency relocation efforts. 100% of your contribution through Right to Heal partner MADRE will go immediately and directly to supporting this vital work. Please donate here!

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