Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Wapens van VS voor IS

26-11-2015 Onlangs schreef de voormalig Internationale Coördinator "Bevordering van een Vredescultuur" bij de Unesco, David Adams, ons vanuit de VS een brief over de Westerse oorlogscultuur. Enkele citaten daaruit:


* The forces that now lead the Islamic State received their arms from the American Empire (i.e. the United States, NATO, and their allies) in order to take part in the overthrow of President Assad in Syria, and then they captured arms that had been sent by the US to Iraq in order to overthrow President Sadam Hussein.


* And so, over time, the West's culture of war has reproduced its mirror image in the Middle East - another military empire. One culture of war has armed, trained and justified another. One must say "justified" because the Islamic State, like its predecessor Al Quaeda, attracts its recruits by promising to rid the region of the American Empire!


* Perhaps, some readers will be shocked to consider the Islamic State as the mirror image of the American Empire. But think carefully. Which one has killed the most people? Which one has produced the most inter-tribal, inter-religious, inter-ethnic conflicts? And is it better to kill with drones than by beheading?


David besluit zijn brief met de vraag: So, what should we be doing?

Na de afschuwelijke gebeurtenissen in Parijs is deze vraag hoogst actueel.

Bron: Global Movement for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence