Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Laat kinderen in Jemen spelen

3-5-2019 Vanuit de Nederlandse vredesbeweging is een open brief gestuurd voor vrede in Jemen. Een Jemen waarin alle kinderen kunnen spelen. De brief is gericht aan president Hadi en één van de leiders van Ansar Allah (de Houthi's). De brief is een initiatief van Peace SOS en mede-ondertekend door 11 mensen afkomstig uit 9 vredesorganisaties.


Tekst van de open brief:


Your Excellencies,

As citizens, our hearts cry for all the children in the world suffering from violence, starvation and illness due to war. This applies especially for the children in Yemen. As you know, in Yemen one child dies every ten minutes. We recommend you to watch the children's version of the song "O World, Enough" from UNICEF on YouTube.


As adults, it is our responsibility to create a world in which all children can play. We urge you to do whatever you can to create a peaceful Yemen.


We kindly ask you to:
- Help to stop the fighting of all parties in the whole of Yemen
- Let humanitarian aid pass through
- Release all child soldiers from their ranks
- Work together with the United Nations to fulfill the Stockholm agreement soon.
- Establish the urgently needed peaceful agreement for Yemen as a whole country
- To include Yemeni women and NGOs in the peace negotiations.


If we can help you and contribute to peace via peaceful means in Yemen, please let us know. We hope to see All the Children in Yemen Play Soon.


Kind regards,


Lisanne Boersma, The Hague Peace Projects

Paul Dijkstra, Worldpeace.nl

Hans Feddema, cultural anthropologist, publicist

Chris Geerse, Peace movement Pais

Tiny Hannink, Women for Peace Enschede

Wim Koetsier, Universal Peace Federation Netherlands

May-May Meijer, Peace SOS
Johanna Oranje, women peace activist
Rita Salaris-Lichtenberg, Women's Federation for World Peace, Netherlands
Frank Slijper, PAX

Ted Strop von Meijenfeldt, Women for Sustainable Peace (an umbrella organization)

Marlies Tjallingii, clerk of Quakers in The Netherlands (Religious Society of Friends)