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ICAN beurzen

8-3-2023 Na een succesvol eerste jaar vraagt de International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons om voorstellen voor beurzen voor academische onderzoek in 2023-24. Een breed gebied van onderzoek komt in aanmerking, als het maar een ondersteuning is voor het streven naar afschaffing van kernwapens. Voorstellen moeten voor 27 maart worden ingediend.


Exciting news! Following a successful first year, ICAN is launching a second call for proposals for ICAN academic research grants for 2023-24. To read more about the projects funded in 2022-23, check out this webpage.


Given the success of last year, we've decided to continue the program and are now looking for proposals for research projects for 2023. You can get all the details about projects and how to apply here but here it is in a nutshell.


Research grants will range from 5'000-10'000 CHF for a period of up to 12 months and can cover a range of research and publication activities, including fieldwork or researchers' time. Its open to different levels of education and experience - from PhD students to established professors. We want to be able to support emerging researchers and also those at the top of their field. Applicants of colour, Indigenous applicants, applicants that identify as LGBQTI+SB, applicants who identify as women or non-binary, applicants with disabilities and applicants from communities harmed by nuclear weapons are particularly encouraged to apply.


We're issuing a call for proposals to conduct research on nuclear weapons with a view to support nuclear disarmament activism and support underfunded research on nuclear disarmament. We will consider a broad range of research topics, including but not limited to: normative approaches to nuclear weapons, including legal approaches such as the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons; nuclear weapons and injustice; nuclear weapons and production of knowledge and the political economy of nuclear weapons.


Sound like something you or someone you know would be interested in? Submit your application by 27 March! Details on what the application should include are available here.

Bron: ICAN