Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Blokkade kernwapenfabriek

29-5-2014 Op 19 mei jl. werd de Engelse kernwapenfabriek in Burghfield door 12 vredesactivisten geblokkeerd. 8 van hen ketenden zich aan elkaar. De blokkade duurde meer dan 4 uur en maakt deel uit van een een bredere opzet die ten doel heeft de productie van kernkoppen in de fabriek te stoppen. Mensen van War Resisters International waren er actief bij betrokken.


Foto van de blokkade

The new development at AWE Burghfield is being built at a cost to the tax payer of almost 2 billion, despite the fact that parliament has yet to vote on replacing the current generation of nuclear warheads that the site would build.

The eight protesters, aged between 19 and 40, are locked together using handcuffs inside 'lock-on' devices - made from drainpipes, and vegetable oil drums filled with concrete in order to block the gate to the construction site to prevent further work on the site. Traffic is now queued up, unable to enter the facility. The Christians amongst the protesters are singing hymns.

Catherine Bann, 40, mother of two from Todmorden, said: "The money we would spend renewing Trident could pay for all A & E hospital departments in the country for the next 40 years! It's a huge waste of public money to be investing in nuclear weapons, and people like us must make a stand now, so that future generations do not have to bear the cost."

Joanna Frew, 35, a member of the United Reformed Church living in London but originally from Scotland, said "Trident is illegal, immoral and a waste of money. It is the opposite of everything that Jesus teaches us about being co-creators of life and loving your enemies. Political and religious leaders in Scotland are opposed to retaining Trident at Faslane. We have a real opportunity over the next year to say that it is no longer acceptable , and that we don't want an illegal renewal."

Phil Wood, 20, a student at Bradford University added "To be spending millions of pounds and planning to spend billions more on nuclear weapons while cutting back on essential public services that people rely on is unforgivable".

Matt Fawcett, 39, from Yorkshire CND said "This 'do as we say, not as we do' policy of telling other countries they can't develop nuclear weapons while we spend billions developing new weapons of our own, not only undermines attempts to limit the spread of nuclear weapons but also discredits Britain on the world stage. Polls show 87% of the British public are against spending on new nukes at a time of such drastic cuts, yet the construction goes on at Burghfield without any parliamentary debate".

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Bron: WRI, 19-5-2014