Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Kerstliederen van Occupy

23-12-2011 In de 'Christmas carols', die binnen de Amerikaanse Occupybeweging worden verspreid wordt veel geprotesteerd tegen de oorlog.


DEBT US ALL ( Wijze: Deck The Halls)

Debt us all with bailout follies! Tralalala lalalala!
What's the rea - son to be jolly? Tralalala lalalala!
Hundred bucks per barrel of oil! Tralala lalala lalala! D
rink the Kool-Aid, Join the Chorus ! tralalala lala lala

Bomb we now our latest peril Tralala lalala lalala!
Billion bucks a week? no quarrel! Tralalala lala lala!
Strike them hard if they're not for us Tralala lalala lalala!
Freedom's yours if you're conformist. Tralalala lala lala! 

See the blazing world before us Tralalala lala lala !
Europe's crashing, print more dollars Tralala lalala lalala!
Constitution's now in tatters Tralala lalala lalala!
End the wars and fund what matters! Tralala lalala lalala!

VIOLENT NIGHTS (Wijze: Stille Nacht)

Violent nights, no respite
All is bombs, all is fright
Sounds of danger to mother and child
Birthplace of Jesus is so defiled
Wish for heavenly peace Wi-i-ll there ever be peace?

Violent nights, no end in sight
C'vilians quake at their plight
Fires fall down from heaven afar
Weapons- makers sing Alleluia !
Peace asunder is torn Will peace come Christmas morn?+