Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Vreedzame alternatieven

2-2-2023 Het International Peace Bureau, met 300 lid-organisaties in 70 landen, roept zijn leden op om rond de eerste verjaardag van de Russische inval in actie te komen om op te roepen tot vrede in Oekraïne. Zelf organiseert het IPB op 24 februari een online webinar, waaraan iedereen kan deelnemen.


The International Peace Bureau calls on our members worldwide to take action during 24-26 February 2023 in support of peace in Ukraine. The war, which will mark its first anniversary on 24.02.2023, has already cost more than two hundred thousand lives - by conservative estimates - forced millions to flee their homes, caused widespread destruction of Ukrainian cities, and strained already fragile supply chains that have made life more difficult for people the world over.


We know that this war is unsustainable - and, worse still, risks escalation that threatens the life and livelihood of people around the world. The nuclear rhetoric of Russia in particular is irresponsible and demonstrates the fragility of this moment. Moreover, the war's direct and indirect impact on the climate impedes the urgent need for a green transition.


There is no easy solution to the war in Ukraine, but the current track we are on is unsustainable. Through global demonstrations for peace, we seek to pressure the two sides to establish a ceasefire and to take steps toward negotiations for long-term peace.


Our calls for peace are not limited to Ukraine - for all conflicts in the world, we implore governments to refuse the logic of confrontation and war, to oppose the nuclear peril, and to commit themselves to disarmament by signing the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. We demand that governments and states act in favor of diplomacy, negotiation, conflict prevention, and the establishment of common security systems4.


We call for your support and your voices for peace. Please consider joining an existing event during this weekend of action, or planning your own. Together we are stronger, and can show the world that there are alternatives to war and militarization.


Further resources:


* For a list of planned events: https://www.europeforpeace.eu/en/events/


* Join IPB for an online webinar on 24.02.2023 "365 Days of War in Ukraine: Prospects Towards Peace in 2023": https://www.ipb.org/events/365-days-of-war-in-ukraine-prospects-towards-peace-in-2023/


* Ceasefire and Peace for Ukraine: A Collection of Proposals and Possibilities for a Ceasefire and Resolution to the Conflicts between Russia and Ukraine: https://www.christmasappeal.ipb.org/peace-plans/

Bron: International Peace Bureau