Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Demonstatie tegen interventie

5-9-2013 Op woensdag 4 september was er een kleine demonstratie tegen de inmenging in SyriŽ. Na een picket bij de Amerikaanse ambassade, liepen ongeveer 7 mensen naar de Russische ambassade om ook daar te protesteren tegen inmenging.


Het motto van het protest was "You can bomb the world to pieces but you cannot bomb it into peace".

De Engelse tekst van de flyer vind u onder de foto's.

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Demo tegen interventie in SyriŽ

Demo tegen interventie in SyriŽ

Uw fotograaf kon helaas alleen bij de Amerikaanse ambassade wat foto's maken.

©Foto's: Boyd Noorda, sociamedia.nl

You can bomb the world to pieces but you cannot bomb it into peace

We here in Europe don't feel any threats, on the contrary we have our safe streets, enjoying the warmth of our houses and even the sun the past days. While on one other part of the world, there are thousands of families who are about to lose all kind of security, from their houses to their hopes of a simple peaceful living.

There are around 1.9 million of Syrians now seeking refuge. Will Europe help them out? Will Europe be able to welcome more refugees? The condition of Syrians is very tragic and would require a humanitarian approach and intervention. A military intervention will only add oil to the fire and boil the conflict in the whole area even more.† Not to forget the Arab-Israeli battles, which would be stirred up again with such an action. America bombing Syria, will lead to Syria bombing Israel most likely from Lebanon using its militia Hezbollah, leading to more bloodshed and destruction in the region. Not to forget that Iran will also intervene supporting Syria in case of an attack as of their treaty.

Reinforcing sectarianism in the Middle East and triggering conflict by empowering the struggle between all divisions, such actions that help erupting civil wars in the area especially in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria just to open a market for Russia and the States to get rid of their old stock of armaments and proceed with their destructive production of weaponry.

The United States has been picking up on a fight with Iran for quite a while, and the military intervention in Syria is the best trigger. Why should this region suffer again with other country's wars? Russia is also in the picture by supporting the totalitarian regime of Assad. Between America which considers that they are authorized to rule the world and shape it in the best way to serve their interests especially after showing off ruthlessly with their nuclear weapons in Hiroshima & Nagasaki. And Russia who is still eager to regain powers in the region by influencing and supporting the crooked regime in Syria and the armed struggle in the region.† Let's not forget Iran's military presence in the area feeding the Shi'ite groups and arming them. It's as if they are playing risk, the board game with the area. They changed the map of the Middle East in World War I, then later again in World War II and now we are on the edge of coming to a World War III.

It's about time that the world wakes up and puts a stop to all of this. It's only a vicious circle of bloodshed and mass destruction that arouses only hatred and more tyranny and inhumanity. War was never a solution and it will never be. You can bomb the world to pieces but you cannot bomb it into peace.

Nancy and Monika

Socia Media