Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.


18-4-2014 Penny Stone, een vredesactiviste o.a. actief in War Resisters' International, heeft het initiatief genomen tot het samenstellen van een internationaal boek met vredesliederen. Zij vraagt iedereen die daaraan iets kan bijdragen contact met haar op te nemen via singlouderthanguns@gmail.com.


Since there has been war work, there has been peace work. This year, one hundred years since the start of World War One, we are more heavily surrounded by com- memorations and memorials of war than usual. It is more important than ever that we mark our many years of peace work and continue to challenge the glorification of wars past and present, with the hope of preventing the potential wars of the future.


To celebrate that peacework happens in every country, I am collecting peace songs from around the world to collate into a songbook. Anyone is welcome to contrib- ute songs from all traditions and in all languages. The songbook will be made freely available as a .pdf file so that anyone can print and bind as many copies as they like.


Ideally, songs will have short and simple lyrics, so that it is easier for people from different countries to learn the songs. If possible, please send songs in the original language as well as in english translation.


Please pass this information onto anyone who might be interested. Song contributions are needed, as are graphics and illustrations from different cul- tures and traditions of peacework.


"A group of people cannot all speak at once, but they can sing together" - unknown South African singer.

Bron: WRI, 14-4-2014